Graphometric Signature

The oldest way to sign becomes the most up to date and the safest one!

Signing with your hand is the oldest and most familiar gesture of all times. It has overcame age, cultural, technological and behavioural  differences. It is a truly global gesture.

The process of signing a digital document on a tablet with your own hand allows to eliminate the paper original for all those documents where a signed paper copy is required by law.

The document is thus born digital and stays digital its whole life. This brings concrete savings to adopters and lowers the impact on the people who sign documents.

Why adopt Graphometric Signatures?

  • You eliminate paper right from thet start, because the document is born digital (cost savings)

  • You eliminate data entry and all mistakes that originate from it (time savings & productivity gains)

  • You eliminiate costs associated with managing the paper document archives (scanning and warehousing costs)

  • You can completely automate the digital document storage process (efficiency gains)

  • It’s easier to defend against fraud (legal costs savings)

GraphoSign™ is a certified Graphometric Signature Solution. It is an Advanced Electronic Signature process, compliant with all Italian and European regulations, whose main feature lies in having a Certification Authority (C.A.) and a front-line employee (client services desk, sales personnel…) both attend and certificate the user’s signature.

This procedure satisfies the requirements of identity recognition as well as integrity and consistency of the electronic document


Biometric data acquisition

Biometric data acquired and stored during signature execution are

Obtinerea datelor biometrice

Fraud risk reduction

The process aims to replicate, and where possible strenghten, the paper workflow, through the use of law compliant tools and by paying special attention to Privacy  issues

Compared to an equivalent paper workflow, the risk of fraud not only does not increase, but it is easier to deter and detect. This is because the hand signature is rich in biometric data, the document is unmodifiable and there are certificates (private or digital signatures) that guarantee the identity of those who sign.

In fact, if a customer denies a signature appended with the GraphoSign™ process, he will have to prove first that he was not in front of the person who recognized him and confirmed his identity by digitally signing himself the document.

A suitable solution for every need

The GraphoSign™ process is adaptable to every type of document you need to be signed, and to the «risk level» (i.e. the risk of signature denial or operator fraud) you deem appropriate to accept. The risk of denial or fraud may not be the same for every document though.

To satisfy all customer needs, 3 different solutions have been developed to encrypt and strenghten the signature:

  • STRONG – a biometric data encryption certificate strenghtened with a nominal qualified digital signature for each operator

  • STANDARD – a biometric data protection certificate strenghtened with a private generic signature certificate on each device (can be nominal or shared between staff members)

  • LIGHT – just a graphic signature capturing software

Scenario comparison

Compararea scenariilor

If a paper document workflow is legally binding and accepted, the same is for a GraphoSign™ signed document

Fixed Workstation Solutions

Plug&play solution – Thought to be connected to a terminal, with Windows XP or superior OS. The best solution for  customer service workstations, shops, etc...


Mobility Solutions

Tablet devices with Windows 7, Windows 8, Android and iOS operating systems, which differ from each other for techincal specifications and external accessories. They all have in common a display that recognizes and detects graphometric data (on its own o through a special pen i.e. iPad), needed to append a legally binding graphometric signature.


Fields of application

Domeniile de aplicare

Graphological Legal Dispute

In case of a legal dispute over a signature appendend through GraphoSign™™, you will go through the same procedure that regulates hard copy, in front of a judge that will rule whose signature it is. This implies a graphological exam by a court appointed professional to read and examine biometric data. A graphological evaluation doesn’t aim to analyze personality, but just handwriting to define the characteristics that distinguish person from person.

Disputa judiciara grafologica

Certificazione ISO 27001:2005


On February 2012 Namirial obtained an ISO27001:2005 certificate (international accreditation), issued from an accredited authority.

Distinctive elements

  • Faithful reproduction of the paper workflow.

  • Encryption of biometric data and inclusion in pdf always occur locally: no need of connectivity!

  • ISO27001 Certified Process

  • Proprietary code: each customization is possible.

  • Possible qualification of the person who collects the signature: the signature is strengthened and scams discouraged.

  • Non è necessario racIt is not necessary to collect specimen of signature to the activation of the service. Immediately operational!cogliere specimen di firma all’attivazione del servizio. Subito operativi!

  • In case of dispute of the signature, provides comprehensive and advanced tools to prove the authorship of the signature.

How does it work

The document to sign is displayed on the signature tablet; the signatory may:

  • Examine the document by scrolling the image of the same

  • Cancel the signature

  • Delete the signature to rewrite it

  • Signing the document by pressing “OK confirms the signature”


The customer affix the signature on the LCD Tablet in the presence of the operator.

Going deep

At the time of affixing the signature on the tablet biometric data are detected (X, Y Position, Time, Pressure).


Biometric data are encrypted with a asymmetric algorithm (RSA-2048 or 4096)

Signature field is completed with:

  • generation of CMS (Cryptographic Message Syntax) standard PAdES (qualified certificate of the operator)

  • hash1 encrypted

  • hash2 encrypted

  • eventual time stamp if required