SecurePaper™ is a solution that extends the digital trust concept used on digital documents to printed documents. The SecurePaper™ documents are made of two main elements: the bearing document and the original copy which is stored inside the glyphs (two dimensional bar codes).


Any document nowadays is born digitally on a computer, in order to ensure integrity and authenticity it is sufficient to digitally sign it. As long as the document remains digital assurance of integrity and authenticity remains the same, but if it should be printed SecurePaper™ allows to embed / save the digital document, digitally signed, in a paper document / printed, making it possible to extend the concept of digital trust of a digitally signed document to a paper document.

The SecurePaper™documents are produced by a dedicated server that performs all the steps of preparing the document, compression, signature, and glyphs application to the page. The securised documents can be sent via email, posted on a website, stored on a USB flash drive or, simply, printed on paper.

SecurePaper™ is a software that permits to compare automatically any document (both in paper or digital format), showing if there are any potential changes in the data therefore showing their integrity.
It is made up of two applications:
1: Writer which allows to produce the SecurePaper document
2: Viewer which is the reader for the documents which also allows the automatic comparison and shows the discrepancies

The SecurePaper™ document

The SecurePaper™ document is made of a series of glyphs (2D bar codes), some custom areas to ignore in the process and of course by the document  itself:
  • PDF document

  • Ignore Areas‏ (optional)

  • Visibile document

  • Glyphs (nowadays DataMatrix)‏


At the moment, SecurePaper™ uses the DataMatrix bar codes, which have been chosen after a long series of tests for being the most resistant and have the highest capacity in term of bytes that can be stored.

The Viewer

This software (which is the “core” of SecurePaper™) allows to verify and compare any digital or paper document made with the SecurePaper™ technology.

The Viewer, after being installed, lets you verify automatically the file or the scanned paper document, checking first of all the authenticity of the digital signature and then showing all the possible differences found between the original document and the support one.


The mobile SecurePaper™ technologies


The Glyphs technologies

Self Contained

The information contained in the Glyphs allow the verification, with respect to original document, without internet access.

Controlled Copy

In this case the Glyphs contain all the elements that make possible the verification by secure on line accessing to original document.

Mobile Controlled Copy

In this case, we add to the " Controlled Copy" one QR Code. 
The QR Code is decoded by special SecurePaper App (for iPhone, iPad and Android).

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