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“It's clear to me that we need the courage to invest in Europe's digital future”

Neelie Kroes

Vice-President of the European Commission (2010-2014)

On January 1st of 2007 Romania became a Member State of the European Union and, as provided by the Treaty that set up the European Community, Romanian citizens have the right to freely travel and stay within the territory of the Member States.


Europe is our country!

EUsign is a start-up company that was set up in July of 2014 in Bucharest, Romania, with an unquestionable European spirit and heritage, deeply rooted in family traditions.  Living in Europe today means converging towards greater efficiency and productivity, slimming down procedures and eliminating unnecessary paperwork, and drastically slashing timeframes in order to achieve greater and better results. The fact that we are a start-up means that we can pay greater attention and dedicate more time to your needs, swiftly respond and deliver, and promptly attend to your demands.


You are our main priority!


We honed our skills working on dematerialisation projects for more than a decade in Italy, we write about dematerialisation and usability (see www.firmafacile.it), manage debate groups on the subject of dematerialisation (see Linkedin groups), organise events focused on dematerialisation (see www.key4paperless.com), and participate in meetings and debates on dematerialisation.

We can help you to make the right choices for dematerialisation at the source (to eliminate the need to print paper and sign paper documents), implement 100% digital document lifecycles, provide services and solutions for electronic signatures and digital trust for digitally signed documents converted to paper, verify legal and technical requisites for complex green business projects, and provide storage solutions, all according to our philosophy based on usable technology (extreme complexity in the back end, great usability on the front end).

Usable technologies

In order for technology to fulfil its purpose, it must be a simple to use tool that makes our work easier.  When technology totally fulfils its purpose it is no longer viewed as such, but rather as a tool that meets a specific need. When technology is user-friendly we “forget” about it, in our mind everything is seen in terms of basic activities, such as writing and signing.  In terms of use, technological complexity remains behind the scenes in the application, while the user interface is easy and intuitive.


"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe."

Anatole France


In life we have some constants:

  • Mutual trust

  • Loyalty

  • Honesty

  • Transparency

  • Courage

  • Determination and enthusiasm

This is what we have infused into our company. We strive to gain the trust of our clients by working with care, reliability and professionalism, in our eyes an unhappy customer represents a failure, not only of a single deal, but of our entire way of being.  We don’t cheat, we do what we know how to do, we don’t do what we don’t know how to do. We always come clean with our clients, we have been raised knowing that lies will get you nowhere.  We have no problem saying “I don’t know, I have to look into it”, not knowing something drives us to look into the matter. We do not promise the moon to our clients, but only what we are capable of achieving, and when someone is better informed than we are then we admit it openly.



We love to look over the edge and embrace new paths!

Who we are


Federico Berti Arnoaldi Veli

During the years of the internet revolution I was part of the group that established the first Italian BBS that offered private citizens one of the very first internet connections (Agorà telematica). For more than two decades I have worked in the areas of System Integration and Management Consulting, focusing on knowledge management, dematerialisation and digitalisation of office automation processes, organisational consulting, managerial training and coaching, and in recent years I have even more specifically dedicated myself to the areas of digital signatures, usable technologies, security, and the evolution of applicable Italian and European laws. As of 2010 I am the curator of the blog named "Firma Facile - Una tecnologia utile deve essere usabile" (Simple Signing – Technology must be easy to use, www.firmafacile.it), administrator of the corresponding group on Linkedin dedicated to remote digital signatures, usability, and in more general terms to the topics of dematerialisation, digital signatures, transaction security and usable technologies.
On a separate note, I have cycled in Greece, Patagonia and Morocco, and I’m the curator of the website called www.nofear.it.

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