EUsign was created with a certain spirit, the spirit of paying attention to your needs.
We could tell you that we are the best, the most visionary, exceptional, groundbreaking… but we do not want to take ourselves too seriously and how we truly are (great or not) is up to you to decide once you have met us.

What we want to tell you about instead is our genesis, starting from the story behind our brand and then showing you what we do. But if you want to press on, feel free to jump ahead to the section What We Do. EUsign was established with Europe in mind, moving towards the 2020 objective: setting up the conditions for a more intelligent, sustainable and shared growth.
And what about the term 'sign' that follows EU? A quick heads up, we work on dematerialisation, we provide usable tools and solutions to eliminate the use of paper from workflows and… just a moment, not so fast!
Organisations invest massive capitals in the automation of their processes in order to root out inefficient work procedures and to comply with existing laws. However, authorisation procedures still depend on handwritten signatures, implying the need to print paper documents, mail them by courier and store them in a depot.
It’s the same as placing stoplights on the highway!
Bottlenecks will inevitably form, along with traffic jams and high management costs.
In 63% of organisations that lack digital signature systems, more than half of the printing processes involve documents that have to be signed by hand.
Consequently organisations are increasingly converting to paperless systems where electronic signatures replace handwritten ones.

Before Digital Signature


After Digital Signatures


Fonte:  AIIM

Europe represents a great opportunity for all its member countries, and helping it to achieve its improved productivity objectives increases the value and capabilities of the individual countries.
How do we do this? Well, perhaps now is the time to move on to the section dedicated to What We Do.